Top 3 Best and Worst snacks for a Standardized Test.

Top 3 Best and Worst snacks for a Standardized Test

Now as you may already know, Standardized tests such as the TOEFL or the IELTS, are infamous for draining energy. 

In fact one of the main reasons why students score lower is due to the marathonic lengths that these tests have. 

This can be statistically proven when you analyze the score of the first sections of the tests and compare them with the final sections. There is usually a clear lowering on their performance. 

Even though you will be allotted a few minutes to recover in 1 or more short breaks, it is not sufficient to just get a bathroom break, but rather a moment where you can regain some of that energy that has been lost. But you have to do this in a very efficient way. 

So here are the best and worst snacks that you can take for your standardized test. Starting with the best ones.

The Best

These are considered the best for 2 main reasons, sugar and protein

Sugar will have an almost immediate effect on you, making you feel that rush of energy. 

The downside, is that sugar is consumed fast in your body, and the counter-effect of it is quite harsh. In about 30 to 40 minutes you might just get sleepy. 

Protein helps by releasing the energy at a slower rate in our body. It takes a bit to do its thing, but it will prevent us from falling asleep.

1. Energy bars

It is no surprise that these little friends have wiggled their ways up to the first position. They have some of the best stats that help us regain our energy for slightly extended periods of time. 

They have a high level of sugar for that initial kick, but aside that, they have protein, which takes longer to digest, so we still get some energy from them throughout the remaining of the test.

2. Fruits

Fruits are an excellent source of sugar, which heightens our senses for a short period. In addition, they have an incredible vitamin content that can help push us in the final part of the test. 

I strongly recommend students to eat apples or bananas as they tend to satiate you slightly more than other ones such as oranges. You can’t go wrong with fruits.

3. Nuts

All the nutrients that you can get from them will definitely give you a boost. 

Though it may take a few moments for you to feel the kick, they will help. They are usually found in energy bars as well, so you can imagine how helpful they are.

The Worst


These are considered as harmful, despite their popularity. 

Usually containing high levels of sugar and fat that will have a negative effect on us. Something we would like to avoid if we are in a high stakes test.

1. Energy drink

Though advertised as “giving you wings” this is not the best thing to do in a test. The high level of sugar and caffeine will definitely give you a large boost of energy at first. 

But the issue with this, is that it will make your body use extra resources while you’ve got that energy. 

After 30, 40 or 50 minutes, the effect will pass. And at this point your body will start going into the natural reserves to compensate all that was lost and that these drinks don’t offer in the long run… Thirsty? Drink water!

2. Potato chips

Terrible. High levels of fat, and lots of salt! 

Fat takes forever to be consumed, so you will actually be using energy for a few hours before you receive it. This is why we feel sleepy when we eat lots of junk food. 

Salt, this will increase the demand for water in the short run for your body. 

You will normally have access to water only in the breaks, so if you’re thirsty half way through, you have to be patient.

3. High colorant content

This would be like eating air, in a way. Not because the bags are usually half filled with air, but because the nutritional gains you will get in the short run are just not very present. 

You’ll normally find a lot of artificial flavors and artificial ingredients that are just supposed to make it taste good, but this won’t help you get energy in the test at all. So just avoid it.

It goes without saying that you need to adapt your body to the Best foods, before test day. You wouldn’t want to find you’re allergic to something that day.

It is very recomended to eat only the food that you are already adapted to. 

If fruits or energy bars are not a common thing for you, and you want to use them for the test, then the best thing you can do for yourself is to adapt to consuming them from now.

Ofcourse, dont eat only that, but adapt to them slowly in the weeks before the test.

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