Listening Section

The Listening Section Overview- TOEFL-iBT® (1/4)

The Listening Section Overview – TOEFL-iBT® (1/4)

The Listening section is the second part of the TOEFL-iBT test. you will have this section right after completing the Reading section. And just like it, it will be affected by the long format variable.

This section will usually take 41-57 minutes long. Depending on whether you get the short or long format in this section.

The best thing to do is to be prepared for the long format as we will only know which format we receive when we start the test.

6 Tips to help you take notes for the TOELF!

6 Tips to help you take notes for the TOELF!

As you know during 3/4 of this test you will have to take notes. You will be doing this during The Listening Section, The Speaking Section, and The Writing Section. However, you must be aware that this is not an easy skill to master here is a shortlist of things that I have compiled and applied with my students to help them improve their writing skills as fast as they can.