Top 3 Best and Worst snacks for a Standardized Test

Top 3 Best and Worst snacks for a Standardized Test.

Now as you may already know, Standardized tests such as the TOEFL or the IELTS, are infamous for draining energy. In fact one of the main reasons why students score lower is due to the marathonic lengths that these tests have. This can be statistically proven when you analyze the score of the first sections of the tests and compare them with the final sections. There is usually a clear lowering on their performance. Even though you will be allotted a few minutes to recover in 1 or more short breaks, it is not sufficient to just get a bathroom break, but rather a moment where you can regain some of that energy that has been lost. But you have to do this in a very efficient way. So here are the best and worst snacks that you can take for your standardized test. Starting with the best ones.