Top 5 tips for improving your study habit.

As you know, prepping for an international test is no easy challenge. You have all the stakes weighing deeper on your shoulders, you need a specific score with a deadline, the nerve of the moment, and so much more. It`s a lot of pressure. Luckily, you don’t need to cave in despair, as you can easily be the master of your destiny. You just need to be consistent with a few habits. Study habits that is. Here is the short answer:

The Reading Section Overview- TOEFL-iBT® (4/4)

The Reading Section Overview- TOEFL-iBT® (4/4)

Here are the links to the previous sections if you’d like to start from a previous point. General Overview The Passages Multiple-Choice Questions Now, let’s continue to the final part of this series, where we will focus on the questions where we must dedicate more time. Final Questions This post will cover the final types …

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Top 1000 most common words in English! (In order)

Top 1000 most common words in English! (In order).

Ok guys and gals. This is the essential, the basics of the English language. Here I have listed the 1000 most common words in English collected from billions of entries online in order to figure out which words tend to be more common. This doesn’t mean that if you know all these words you can speak as well as a Native Speaker, as Native English Speakers of 25 years of age and above, will have a vocabulary that will range between 15.000 and 35.000 words. So as I said before, these are the basic ones.

7 tips for increasing your vocabulary

7 tips for increasing your vocabulary.

Now by far this is on the top 3 challenges any student can have when preparing for a standardized test, along with grammar and structuring your responses and to be honest there isn’t a super fast way to increase your vocabulary. It takes months or years to get to a very high level of vocab, depending on your starting point and how much you actually practice.